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Full-time professional to full-time mother: A choice laden with cost

Women leaving work to raise children have to redefine who they are, a study from the SAGE journal Human Relations finds. After exiting professional and managerial occupations, mothers are engaged in an ongoing mother/professional identity struggle, argue the researchers Shireen Kanji and Emma Cahusac. The process through which the mothers’ choice is constructed as ‘right’ […]

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Women having babies later in life more likely to live longer

Nested, case-control study confirms association between older maternal age at birth of last child and exceptional longevity Women who had their children later in life will be happy to learn that a new study suggests an association between older maternal age at birth of the last child and greater odds for surviving to an unusually […]

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How mothers help children explore right and wrong

Concordia University study shows that parental talks support children’s understanding of their moral experiences There’s no question that mothers want their children to grow up to be good people — but less is known about how they actually help their offspring sort out different types of moral issues. According to a new study published in […]

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